Coming October 24, 2017

In 1979, nine-year-old Michael Rapaport decided he was going to do whatever it took to be a pro baller. He practiced and practiced, but by the time he was fifteen, he realized there was no place for a slow, white Jewish kid in the NBA. So he found another way to channel his sports obsession: talking trash.


In This Book Has Balls, Rapaport shares his loud, sometimes in the foul lane, but *always right* rants about everything on his mind including: why LeBron will never be like Mike, how Tiger can get his groove back (and it has nothing to do with his swing), what Mike Tyson can teach us about inner peace, and why Mad Shaming needs to stop.


He also takes plenty of time outs to talk about his sports heroes, his childhood infatuation with Mary Lou Retton, his favorite Real Housewives, the All-Time Greatest Stickmen, and the skinny jeanification of sports. You might not agree with everything in here, but you can’t deny that Rapaport has plenty to say.

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Praise (ish)

“We are dealing with an individual who tried to convince Willis Reed that Bill Russell was overrated. He is a sick man and I often wonder what his life could have been like had the Knicks ever been a competent organization, but he has somehow managed to write a good book.”



“Yes, Michael is actor. Yes, Michael loves the Knicks. Yes, Michael hated when I used to destroy Patrick Ewing. And yes, Michael is funny as hell. And yes, Michael knows more about the NBA then some of these NBA bums that are playing. And yes, this is a hell of a book.”



“Michael is many things. He is a producer and actor and comedian for starters. He is also crazy, passionate, funny and intense. All of those qualities come through in his book. Along with a troubling fascination with hair pieces. All of it of course can be explained by his love for the Knicks, which even in good times isn't a remarkable experience. Buy his book and enjoy the ride.”

–Colin Cowherd


“Hilarious. Reminds me of a sports version of Joan Rivers’s book I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me. Something is wrong with Michael Rapaport but that’s what makes him right. Funny fucking book!!!!”

–Charlamagne tha God